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15 April 2006
  Rising Damp
Well, we did something tonight that we had been very reluctant ever to do. We didn't need to do it at the old house.

We bought a new hose...two, actually...and a sprinkler.

The front yard of the old house was basically all weeds: broadleaf grass, onion grass (when you cut the lawn it smelled like someone was serving hamburgers at the local Wendy's), some kind of vetch, violets, wild strawberries, dandelions, you name it. It grew whether you watered it or not, and when we had a wet year, like last year, it grew a foot or so in a week.

This stuff is real grass and needs to be taken care of! :-)

We also bought a timer that fastens to the faucet. I remember reading that the best time to water the lawn is after dark. In the summer it's simply too hot during the day and most of the water evaporates before it ever penetrates the soil. Once we figure out the range of the sprinkler we can set it out and then let the timer turn the water off and on while we are asleep.