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04 April 2006
After the Pause
After taking last night off, I'm back to work.

We had already put one of my grandmother's old chairs in our closet, for the putting on of shoes and anything else that might require a seat. Today I polished up the other three. (They really need a good cleaning, at the least, to take off the years of accumulated wax and other grime, perhaps with Murphy's Oil Soap, but for now I just polished them well.) One is in the hallway, basically for the same reason the other is in the closet; we may need it on rainy days when we both start coming in the garage (right now my place is partially taken up with shelving) to remove wet shoes. The other two I have put in the "bays" of the library. With the three chairs I put the three fall-themed chair cushions that used to be in the kitchen before I bought apple red ones instead.

I also attempted to straighten up the garage a bit. I was going to put James' six tubs of model kits into the closet with the water heater, but worried about it. When they were out in the shed, we put mothballs in them to keep insects away. These aren't real mothballs, made with camphor, but ones made of some type of chemical. I worried that the fumes from these chemical mothballs might react with the gas of the water heater. (Okay, call me silly. But I don't like to fool around with gas. My grandfather worked for the Providence Gas Company and he knew it wasn't wise to mess with the stuff.)

Instead I placed the plastic tool stand in the closet instead and put all the rakes, brooms, and the shovel in there, plus the two regular lawn chairs and the two canvas ones in their carriers. I did restack the tubs, and also brought the attachment hose for the vacuum cleaner in. I have to find a place in the laundry room for what we jokingly call "the railroad spike," the biggest nail I could find at the hardware store, to hang it up. This nail is nearly as long as my hand and about as big around as my little finger. All those Union Pacific workers driving the rails west might have mistaken it for a small spike at that. :-)

Anyway, I have to go repair one of the cushions...meanwhile James is grilling drumsticks and making Rice'a'Roni. Can't wait until we get a screen door for the deck.