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02 April 2006
  Too Sticky To Work
The curtains still aren't up. It was too sticky today to do anything that complex. It promises to be a little cooler later in the week, so James says we can do it one night after work. Can't do it Saturday since he is scheduled to work noon to nine.

Little things did get done. We had taken the bird feeder pole down due to a storm approaching and left it down because it didn't seem quite stable clamped to the deck rail. Today James cut a few short lengths of board and fastened them with deck screws to a corner of the deck, then mounted the feeder pole on this. Hopefully it will attract the birds.

(Digression: we saw the coolest thing yesterday coming out of Fry's. A small sparrow was cutting across the parking lot; suddenly we saw it stall and wondered if it were hurt. Then we saw something small flick above the bird's head and the sparrow make a hard 90 degree turn upward, spreading his wings wide and pouncing—it was catching a bug! Spectacular move!

We were at Fry's because I bought the parts so James can make me another "Frankenputer." I've been putting along on a P2 or less with 300MHz [overclocked; the original was only 175MHz] and 135 meg of RAM, with a 32 meg video card. DVDs sputter and I can't play most online videos. Also, they are making noises about finally letting us telework two days a week and my computer just couldn't manage it. I got an Intel Celeron D processor [2.5GHz] and 512 meg of RAM on a P4M800 Pro motherboard, with a plain old Soundblaster 5.1 sound card and a 128 meg DDR video card. This should help with my graphics software, too; Paint Shop Pro 9 uses a ridiculous amount of memory.)

Put up my dad's old barometer/thermometer/hydrometer near the door and the hook for hanging up the Dirt Devil hand vac. Plus put up some hooks to get the colander and strainer off the counter and put up the two magnetic boards we had bought at Ikea. Before Christmas I used several Borders 30 percent off coupons to buy some magetic poetry sets. My mother-in-law/sister-in-law/niece have these on the side of their refrigerator and I love to work with them. The sides of our fridge aren't exposed, so we got magnetic boards instead. We have a basic set, the books set, the food set, the office set, and a dog set.

As for the glass frosting, it has dried and does not look bad at all. I now have to paint the leaves set inside, with fall colors, of course.

We still have a mystery: cannot find my boonie hat and the straw hats we wear when we fly rockets. We thought they were in the box that was packed of various things from the den. Then we thought they might be in the box with the books from James' end table. Still not in sight!