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10 April 2006
  Cool and All That
Had to get out early, but it was worth it—the electrician popped in at the appointed time, tried to pop the breaker, checked out the compressor, then came back and was able to snap on the breaker this time. The air conditioning was finally "booted up."

I'm so flippin' short it was hard for me to tell that there was air coming out of the vents, but I let it run and the builder came by and confirmed that yes, indeed, cool air was emerging. Good...since it's supposed to be 90°F on Friday. Ye Gods. In April.

I spent the time waiting for the electrician and all the way to six o'clock emptying out the boxes I brought back from Mom's attic. I weeded out some things, and others came inside—judging by my collection of collie statues, I need a shadow box just for them—and the rest were reboxed in three large "Xerox boxes" and two regular sized ones (plus a box of Superman comics from the 70s and a legal file folder) and tucked up on the shelves.

I then swept out the rest of the garage, leaving the boxes near the door for James to dismantle. I then "walked" the excess bookcase and video cabinet out where the old boxes were. We have a friend who has a family member whose house burned down. Along with a four-drawer dresser, these should help the person until the insurance pays off and she can get some better things.

There are still some things left in the garage, but they're all neatly on shelves until I fetch them. One is the America poster that was released by Xerox when the Alistair Cooke series premiered on NBC in 1972. I don't remember where I got it, but it was on my bedroom wall for a long time before being relegated to the attic.

Unfortunately when we found it, because of the heat in the attic, it became fused to a big paint-by-number oil painting of a collie I had done. We just brought the whole shebang back with us, and today I used a knife to peel the poster off the painting, which was ruined—I tossed it. The poster is pretty battered and a bit of it went with the painting, but I think if I bond it to a piece of poster board and do some color work with my Sharpies, I can make it presentable again.