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31 March 2006
On a Frosty Evening
Not here, at least literally. Here it was almost 80°F=Too Damn Hot. I apparently got home too late to meet the electrician (I told them I wouldn't be home from work that early). For some reason the breaker to our air conditioner will not come on. The builder's rep tried it with a puzzled look on his face. Apparently this hasn't happened on a regular basis. :-) Then he said he'd call the electrician to replace the breaker.

So I got it into my head to frost the bottom three panels around the front door: there are five panels on each side of the door and five on top. I wanted to frost the bottom panels so people can't see the boot tray and all the coats when they walk up to the door. Each panel is centered by a leaf which I will color in fall shades with glass paint, but I just did the frosting around them for now. It took a while, an hour or so before James came home and another 45 minutes after Doctor Who. It looks horrid right now because the clear frost goes on white. But it's drying slowly. I followed the book advice and used a toothpick to whisk some diagonal lines across the frosting to create a texture. Can't tell how it will totally look now, but the part that has dried doesn't look too bad.

I can't wait to color the leaves.