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30 June 2007
Wide Open Spaces No More
Our guest room is...eclectic. :-)

The futon is mission style and has a country-type comforter on it, blue and yellow with matching pillow shams. There are a few autumn things dotting the room. The teak table next to it holds the phone, a lamp, and a box of Kleenex. There is a five-drawer chest on the wall perpedicular to the left. The top has a scarf my mom embroidered and holds my beanie baby tree and some other small stuffed critters. There are shelves on the walls behind the futon and one to the side that hold stuffed critters and also our small collection of Babylon 5 figures. Some corner shelves also hold stuffed animals.

On the opposite wall from the futon is one of the two paperback bookcases I made for myself, with my favorite books (and a few more stuffed critters) in it; the 13-inch television with DVD player and VCR below, and my exercise bike. Near the closet, which is on the opposite wall from the chest of drawers, is the closet, and two sepia "Rome" and "London" "1920s" travel prints. Next to the door is an old "Liberty" magazine cover decoration and a reproduction plaque of a Mayan calendar that a friend brought me back from Mexico. The switchplate has an Idea Stix decoration of a French bistro on it. The rest of the walls are bare.

Today while we were at Garden Ridge I found three great matted and framed prints for only $10/each in a travel theme. The prints try to duplicate a collage of old postcards and other small memorabilia (stamps, tickets, etc.), circa maybe 1910 to the mid-1950s. One is for New York City, one for London (this includes a replica of the coronation stamp for Elizabeth II), and the third is for "Italia." Two are on the big blank wall behind the television and bookcase, and the third is next to the dresser.

And there is still room for me to frame some family and friends photos in the collage frames I have.


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