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13 April 2006
All Boxed Out
Last night we went downstairs and...all together now!...emptied boxes.

There was one box that was driving me nuts: it was just filled at the bottom with odds and ends—a spindle of CD-Rs, a printer cartridge holder, little things like that. We tossed quite a few things and made several small piles of books, computer supplies, and other objects that need to go upstairs.

We also pretty much emptied the closet that has all the Christmas things and the big steamer trunk in it and then rearranged and restocked so there is now floor space the next time the tornado sirens go off (this is the only interior room we have) and we can still get the trunk open. Once I get the string of lights out of the box we can donate/dispose of faithful "Serendipity" the Christmas tree. I just realized last night that I purchased that tree in October of 1990, so it is fifteen years old. No wonder branches have fallen off and the needles are shedding!

There's enough room there, too, to store a few things that aren't holiday related, like the big box of ultra-thin CD cases we got for free one Black Friday and the Xerox box full of our wedding flowers and cake topper. I have the wrapping paper ready to take upstairs where it can be more accessible for birthday gifts, but am thinking it would probably be more sensible to separate out the Christmas paper, ribbons, and tags and leave them downstairs until "Natale" wanders by once more.

We also put the small television we brought home from my mom's (she used it in the kitchen) and placed it on a cart along with the old VCR. James wants to buy a small cheap DVD player as well (there's one for $25 at Brandsmart) for when he sits down there once again to work. Haven't hitched up the VCR yet; the antenna wire won't reach it, so we need to buy some more (yes, another set of rabbit "how quaint" ears). Another chance to use my antenna wiring skills. [wink]

The box full of artwork is still sitting in the middle of the library floor. James has a few metal signs and I have an idea to put them into the downstairs bathroom, which can be the "airfield bathroom" (just considerably cleaner! LOL). One says "licensed pilot on duty," another "licensed airplane mechanic on duty," and the third is a replica advertisement for connecting flights to the Hindenburg. I think Michael's has one that is for the "Airline Diner," it would be a perfect capper.

Just need to decide where to put the other artwork: most of it will go on the stair wall leading up from the foyer to the main level. We have a great picture of a little boy out in the dark consulting a star map with his flashlight while the stars and the Milky Way gleam overhead—that's definitely for the foyer so everyone can see it when they come in.