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25 December 2007
Merry Christmas!
From all of us here at "Autumn Hollow"! Check out our photos!

No, it only looks like we are advertising for KMart. :-)

The Blue Light special

Our miniatures tree in the foyer, with a Peanuts nativity and train underneath—oh, and that moose and squirrel:

The foyer

The dining room:

the dining room

The ceppo on the china cabinet shelf, flanked by the Santa collection on either side:

China cabinet

I decided to put the feather tree upstairs this year; it goes so well on the curio shelf:

Feather tree

Some closeups of the 1950s snowmen and Santas, a 1950s skater ornament, those gilded walnuts I made as a teenager, and an ornament I made as a child:

snowman     Rudolph

1950s skaters, Santa, gilded walnuts

Even the cart serving as a stand for the mixer (and other things) gets a Yuletide remake:

Mixer and Christmas things

The primitive blocks and other ornaments I bought at the Apple Annie craft fair (including the winged "Holy Cow" in front):

Primitive ornaments

I saw these decorations and wanted to do a simple vignette; I love the way this came out!:

bottle brush trees and ornaments

The Christmas tree, with manger set below:

The Christmas tree

Click here for a larger tree photo (very large).

Here is the manger set that I grew up with; some of the statues are ceramic, but the newer sheep are of plastic, and the three camels and one of the sheep are of rubber and stuffed with tissues! These figures could be bought from large bins at one time, in Woolworths or Grants or Kresges:

The manger set

You can see the chips on the oldest figures:

Manger detail

With just the lights:

With just the lights

The 1940s Christmas village on the mantel from the left:

Left angle of the Christmas village

And the right:

Right angle of the Christmas village

The individual buildings: radio station WENN (looks like the local cops have been visiting the Buttery downstairs; notice the special appearance!), the lovely Woolworths building, the grocer shoveling his sidewalk, the bus passing "Suicide Hill" (looking at the slope, you know where it's gotten that name), the Christmas tree seller waves as the bus drives past, outside the post office the mailman distributes some goodies, a boy leaves the hobby shop with a new model plane, parishoners enjoy a concert outside St. Luke's while in the rear, Father quietly reads, and a soldier greets his girl, having just come in on the bus.

Downstairs in the library, a cozy Christmas reading spot:

The library

The library tree, with its literary ornaments:

The library tree

In the other house, we had no room for a village, so I created this vignette, "Christmas at the Lighthouse":

Lighthouse Christmas

Nothing special to anyone else, but special to me: my mom's mixing dish for baking cookies. It probably came from the Outlet or Shepards or maybe even Woolworths in the 1950s and is labeled simply "Made in Czechoslovakia."


After being used to mix the wine biscuits, it's now filled with them:

wine biscuits

And just because—Willow:


And Schuyler:


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