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25 January 2007
All in the Details
A welcome greeting:

the welcome sign

Willow down in the library:

Willow in the library

I love the border; we bought it from The School Box. What I love the most is that all the books on the shelf, except for the encyclopedia, which looks like an Americana, but just says "Encyclopedia," are actual books. When I noticed Alistair Cooke's America was one of them, I was sold.

The sign on the bathroom door is a regulation business "Rest Room" with an aviation print under it. The wooden plaque on James' hobby room door is a real minefield sign.

And here's Pidgie posing in front of his artwork:

Pidge with bird artwork

"The Honeymoon," with the budgies, is actually a greeting card we found at a bird show. The dragon and his birdie were from a convention, of course.

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Wishing for Snowflakes
I've redone half of the photos, so it's pulled from the queue and redated:

Our winter welcome:

winter porch

Here's the foyer with the tinsel tree and the snowflake hangings (a bit difficult to see them against the "antique white" paint) under the mirror, winter plaques and a winter tin and "branch.: The little objects in front of the snowmen and flowers on the blue table are little animal and pine tree figurines in the snow.

foyer with winter decorations

This is a detail of the divider. I don't know why you can't make it out well, but the snowman plaque says "Think Snow":

divider with winter plaques

And here's the table:

foyer with winter decorations

There are three winter tins, between them a resin set of snowmen and a blue sleigh with winter branches in it. At the very far right is an Avon snowman. It had red, green and blue lights in it. I took the red and green bulbs out and replaced them with a different shade of blue and a clear.

divider with winter decorations

The Marjolein Bastin winter ornaments are leant up against the candles. In the rear you can see the two snowmen and a blue cupboard on the china cabinet. The snowman painted on this little blue cupboard has a legend above him "Snowcones, 5 cents."

table and china cabinet with winter decorations

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24 January 2007
...That Make a House a Home
Had a short burst of energy tonight after finishing up work and did a few quick things:

• I had purchased a wooden plaque with a Michael's coupon and the other night painted it a barn red with a bronze surround. Then I lettered on it in black "Welcome Home." I have put this on the door that comes from the garage into the house, with a small garland of autumn leaves around it. I know it sounds like a dopey thing to decorate, but sometimes on those wet, gloomy nights coming home from work it will be nice to see a cheerful "welcome home" on the door. (I painted it a brownish red with the bronze-gold trim so that at Christmastime I can swap a holly garland for the leaves and the colors will look just as appropriate.)

James didn't see this project while I was doing it, so it will surprise him.

• I hung up James' beautiful framed Spitfire print in the library, just outside his room.

• I also hung up a funny print of dragons using a computer that we bought at a convention many years ago, and next to it put up the Charles Wysocki calendar I got for $4 at Borders last weekend.

• In the laundry room I hung up a canvas hanging with twelve pockets that used to hang on the door in the old laundry room. This is now behind the door. In it are sorted the two different types of screwdrivers, the stud finder, the nail setter, etc., so they are easy to find. I also hung up the metal yardstick on its own nail so it is off the floor.

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05 January 2007
That Settled-In Look
In the entry "The Last Place You Think Of", I mentioned we'd rearranged our bedroom to better accommodate getting clothing as well as leaving place for a little armchair.

It's a good thing we did since I also need to store the rolling desk where I'm keeping my work-at-home equipment. I got it all out of the boxes this afternoon, but nothing is "hitched up."

Tonight when we were folding clothes I also put the rest of the pictures up. I was tired of the room looking like we were about to move (and frankly I was tired of the box sitting on the floor!). :-) So my old crucifix and our birthplace cross-stitches (made by James' sister) are over the bed (also my dreamcatcher). Near my side of the bed is a picture of my mom and Cousin Anna and also a painting of a cabin in the snow. Near James' side of the bed is his family name heritage plaque and a photo of his dad.

Over the chifforobe are the two cross-stitches I did, "All creatures great and small" and the 23rd Psalm, and also on that wall is the American Indian wedding blessing that Renee Groce gave us for our wedding.

Over the lightswitch along with a framed Robert Fulghum quote is a small cross-stitch I did of a puppy and a kitten sleeping together, which says "Our love will keep us warm."

I have about three or four of those collage frames and want to look through my photos and put some up in those frames for our bedroom.

When the hospice nurse and I discussed bringing my mom here to Georgia when she could no longer take care of herself, she said I should take a few things from my mom's house to make her feel more comfortable in the guest room. So I pulled my dad's Army photo and their honeymoon photo from their frames and James bought two frames down here and we put them up for her.

I put those photos up in my craft room, a sweet reminder of home.

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