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09 April 2006
  A Place for...Sorta Everything
Not quite yet.

On Friday I did buy a little Closetmaid shelf-type thing. It's one of their stackers, but I couldn't find it on their site. It looks like this, but without the door, maple-finished, and only about 18 inches high. I have it in the small space next to my desk and it holds my unabridged dictionary, atlas, thesaurus, and some other reference books.

Put some autumn-themed rub-ons on the fireplace front. Not exactly how I wanted it. Oh, well. It looks warmer, at least, rather than that expanse of vast whiteness.

James had to work all day yesterday, so I did some more errands and then decided to go back to Walgreen's. They had a small boombox on sale for a reasonable price; the CD player on it also plays MP3s. I sat in the dining room eating my supper and trying it out by listening to a Bing Crosby Christmas radio show.

We drove all the way out to the DeKalb Farmer's Market today to stock up on boneless skinless turkey thighs; DeKalb is the only place that sells them at a reasonable price. Stocked up on some seasonings as well. The newspaper had Linens'n'Things coupons, so we bought the sky-blue plastic Adirondak chairs they have for the deck.

And then when we got home we cleaned out the garage. It wasn't all that bad since Doug had come to collect our spare boxes; basically what we did was pull all the spare shelving and the lawn tools, etc. into the middle, sweep against the walls, and then set up things where we wanted them. James had some big industrial-sized hooks, so now our big reel of heavy-duty electrical cord is hung up as well as the hose of the Shop Vac (damn that thing gets in the way!), the hedge clippers, and the trimmers. All the tools, nails, etc. are now on the wall closest to the door to the garage, and there are empty shelves for me to use after I repack the things I brought home from my mother's.

My car will actually fit in there now, and James won't be wedging the truck in. Still a few things to come in and a few to go out, but it looks pretty good.

We put the chairs out on the deck and sat in the cool breeze for some blissful minutes before it was time to come in to make supper. Pity it's going to get warm. Hopefully there'll be a breeze out there in the summer.