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16 April 2006
Different Types of Holidays
I thought we'd have the ham for Sunday Easter dinner.

Instead we went to Ikea. They had a holiday special, turkey and dressing with mashed potatoes and green beans. (James ate my green beans. Yay!) It was just sliced turkey breast, but it was real turkey, not turkey loaf. The cornbread dressing was quite good—had a good celery flavor and super moist, but there was an extra flavor in it that I couldn't place until I looked directly at my forkful of dressing. Turned out to be finely-chopped bell pepper. (Granted, it wasn't in the same class as the turkey dressing at the Colonnade, but then their dressing is in a class by itself.)

So we've bought the china cabinet home. James said it was easier to manage than the bookcases; not as wide or as bulky.

Not sure if we'll put it together today, but it's here. Also bought a very inexpensive metal desk for the old computer to go downstairs in the library for games.

Think it's time for Here Comes Peter Cottontail about now. :-)