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22 March 2006
It's Curtains for Us--and Grill Dreams
:-) I ordered the "falling leaves" curtains from Plow and Hearth yesterday. Now we have to look for curtain rods. I think it's incredible what they charge for these things; they're even expensive at WalMart. First you buy the rod, and then to keep the curtains from sliding off you have to buy the finials. Of course then they never have a nice simple ball-shaped finial in stock: it's always some crystal ball or fleur-de-lis or carved creation that costs $$$. I have a 10 percent off coupon for Home Depot, so I may wander there on Friday.

Our previous mortgage company returned our escrow investment. Wow. We can put it toward having Willow's teeth cleaned, which will take most of it. James is planning to get his grill with the rest. He's not looking for anything fancy, although I see him glancing covetously at those stainless steel bohemoths that Lowe's has tucked inside the store. Heck, some of them wouldn't even fit on our deck!

I think this is the one he has his eye on. We already have the propane tank and just need to get it refilled. And a cover.

Not sure what type of chairs to put out there, though. Probably just those cheap plastic ones, unless one of the stores or one of the wholesale clubs has a special deal. The ones I've seen lately in the latter are huge, family of eight type tables. Wow.