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11 March 2006
  On a Hot Day You Can't Work Forever
James had to go to work today—rotten hours, eleven to eight—so I was on my own. I still had that nagging sinus headache and it was bothering me. Still, I dashed up to Linens'n'Things and got something to hang James' ties and belts on, using both coupons, so that part of the closet is now tidied as well. At JoAnn I got a poster frame (yay, more coupons!) for the autumn scene print we have for over the fireplace. Also stopped at Kmart, remembering that I had a small gift card. I bought a good hand-held shower head for our bathroom and a less expensive one for the main bathroom, where Willow will have her baths. There's no way to rinse her properly without one.

The headache was bothering me, so I had something to eat and came home for a while. Our dimmer headboard lights had arrived! So I fit them on, then transferred the bedside lamps to the guest room and craft room, respectively. Then I lay down for a while. When I got up to work on the bookcase for the encyclopedia (if you remember the rest of our saga, it needed some nails in the shelves), it was pretty hot. I hoped I could turn on the air conditioner anyway (see "Yet Another Journal" post), but no dice. Went by the sales office, which is when I found out the builder wasn't here today. Arrrgh. That means no A/C until Monday...

Anyway, have the majority of the encyclopedia and yearbooks towed upstairs and in their proper place. Five yearbooks are missing, in a box we haven't gotten to yet. As I said in the other post, I bought another fan as well. So I have one fan set up in a dining room window and the other blowing in our bedroom. There is a third fan in James' hobby room, but we'll see if we need that later.

Oh, I finally have the secretary out of our bedroom and next to the birdcage. That has all our envelopes and other things we need in it for bill paying and needs to be closer to the computer.