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20 March 2006
  How Quaint!
I always think the hardest part of a move is when you have the bulk of the large things placed and unpacked and then you have to deal with the little things. I was doing "little things" duty today in the upstairs bedrooms, mainly rearranging the guest room. I have hitched up the old DVD player and VCR to the little television in there, and reconnected the rabbit ears. (Yes, how quaint, we have a television in the house that ::gasp:: has an antenna! I was a champion antenna-wire attacher in my youth. <g>) The long "table" we had made of the long shelves of "Phil's etagere" was polished up and taken downstairs so the photo albums can take up residence there again until I succumb to the scrapbooking urge (I have all the gear). The cameras now have a permanent place; they were just shoved on a shelf in the den before because there was nowhere to store them. And, oh, heavens, I did dispose of all those old 5 1/4 floppies. Windows 3.1 disks! My original copy of WordPerfect! There's a nice bag of trash to go out tomorrow.

I also changed the location of the lamp in the living room because when James watched television it reflected in the screen. Unfortunately it still reflects—and now I can see the reflection, too. Can't figure out quite yet how to solve this one; the solution may be simply a light kit for the ceiling fan. But we're having that installed!—it's up ten feet high.