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14 March 2006
Fiddly Bits
Did a bunch of fiddly things last night. That mirror that was leaned up against the wall next to the tier table? It's now on the wall. There's also a mirror in the hallway, over the spare media case. (As much as I loathe spring as a precursor to summer, we do have a little spring corner here: the mirror has transfers of geese flying and I have a bouquet of the only decent lilac sprays I ever found in the silk flower bins at a craft store. The usual ones you see have these crushed, small petals on the flowerets that make up the lilac blossom. These have perfectly-formed four-petal flowerets and look almost real enough to have a scent. Lilacs are my favorite flowers. I was hunting around yesterday online to see if there is a lilac that will bloom in the South. Most lilacs need a certain number of frost days to blossom and there aren't enough of them down here. Apparently there are a few "Southern"-bred varieties.)

James also put up a cassette tape holder in my crafts room that has things I recorded off NPR—like the Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back radio series and the original Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy—and television, especially NBC: The First Fifty Years and CBS: On the Air (talk about two specials I'd love on DVD!) and Dinah's M*A*S*H salute and Waltons salute, etc.

He also put up the curtain rods in the two upstairs bedrooms, a paper towel rack and towel hanger in the downstairs bath, and a magnetic strip hidden in the foyer that will hold our coupons from Sweet Tomatoes (yay! salad!) and other restaurants.

I've bought a disposable camera so I can take some photos of the house and send them to my godmother and other relatives not online.

I had forgotten to mention that we finally have a hand-held shower massage again. The only problem is that stupid water-flow restrictor. I know they put these in so people will use less water, but I usually end up taking a shower twice as long because it takes me so long to rinse my hair. Also, I use the shower not only to keep clean, but for theraputic purposes: ever since my thyroid cancer surgery, the right side of my neck and right shoulder have been stiff and sore because the doctor had to scrape the growths off my tendons and muscles. Even with the so-called "shower massage" setting on, there is absolutely no "massage" factor.

We bought a very cheap hand-held unit for the hall bathroom so we could bathe Willow. The water restrictor fell out of it when James hitched it up and that has a nice flow. (Needless to say Miss Wil hated it.) I wish I'd just gotten two cheap ones now!