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18 March 2006
  Declaring an Almost-Victory
James went downstairs last night a little before midnight for the purpose of simply moving the two remaining pair of matching bookcases against the back wall of the library. These were the shelves he planned to use for his military and aviation history hardbacks and assorted other nonfiction.

I followed him down there and we ended up shelving, and shelving, until 1:30. He almost filled both bookcases, and put other books, like his Tom Clancy hardbacks, on the top of one of the bookcases. We also found the rest of the science fiction and the humor, which I shelved. In the afternoon I had shelved all the Whitman books and the linguistic books. Now I finished filling the children's book shelves with Yearling-size paperbacks. We were trying to empty as many boxes as possible so we could call up Claudia and Doug and tell them we had more boxes for them.

Today we had so many errands to do that we didn't get downstairs until this evening, but we are declaring a semi-victory until we get a couple of Billy bookcases with the extra shelves for the paperbacks. The right side of the room (as you face it) is essentially done and some other boxes—my old TV Guide collection, the photo boxes, and my paperbacks—are stored in the three "bays" made by the back-to-back shelving for the time being. A few boxes of fanzines and APAs are against two walls. James' paperbacks and Analogs are stacked in front of the bookshelves he filled last night, so they will be near the Billys when they eventually go up.

Several boxes just made it upstairs (my old journals, a couple of boxes James wanted upstairs, the Alton Brown books, etc.) There are a couple of boxes that need sorting. One box has James' records in it and thus doesn't have a home yet. Plus there are some videotapes downstairs that I use for time shifting things I might want to keep and dub to DVD later. Need to find a place for them upstairs.

There was a small, three-shelf bookcase stored in the laundry room that, in the old house, we had used to hold James' drill case and other tools. I polished this up and it is holding James' tutorial computer books, my decorating magazines and Best of British and Reminisce, an oversize collection of Buck Rogers strips that won't fit in any bookcase, and, on top, graphic novels. It's a quick fix and I don't plan for it to stay there, but it will do for now.

But there is a table with a lamp, the papasan chair is tucked under the window with some comfy pillows and a fleece on it, and more than half of the floor is cleared and vacuumed. (And I found the rest of the yearbooks and the oversized media books to boot!) We've found the curtain rod and the drapes, so tomorrow we can put up the curtains on the windows and perhaps shift the odd boxes out of the middle of the floor. Then that will "rest" for a while until we can (a) get the Billy bookcases with the extra shelves (they were out of the shelves last week) and (b) get some things done upstairs, like finish up the two bedrooms and install the extras James wants to put in the kitchen and perhaps hang some of the artwork.

Plus there will be a little seasonal decorating on Monday. Winter's gone away...::sniff::