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10 March 2006
Floor Sighting!
That big box in the middle of the craft room floor is gone! James brought the bookcase I use for my small stereo system upstairs last night and this morning I positioned it and then offloaded the LPs into the bottom. The 45s are put up as well. I moved a few things around, too, all to the "Barry" album: wonder how the guys working next door liked Mr. Manilow.

Ran over to Brookwood for a little while before the television repairman was due and got another vinyl chair mat for my craft room so I can paint without worrying about the carpet. Also got a spare house key made and bought another small animal statue to decorate our front yard (James, you'll have to see if you can notice it when you get home).

Circuit City repairman showed up a bit after noon and determined the problem was a loose system board; he fitted it back in place and now all is well except we still can't play the VCR—James was obviously correct about that cable connection!

Have been to Costco and the freezer is now stocked with portioned boneless, skinless chicken thighs and we have a nice bit of stew beef to wrap for the freezer.

The only thing getting me down is a nagging sinus headache which is from the pollen and the sun; it is bright today and in the mid-70s last time I checked. Other people feel bad in the cold—I always feel worse when it gets warm.