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24 March 2006
  Finding a Saint and Other Discoveries
I've found my St. Francis; he's at Home Depot. He's also very heavy, so I think I'll hold off buying him until James is along. :-)

I also finally found the Scotch clear mounting tape I've been looking for at Michaels for weeks. I'd hit three Michaels in the past two weeks, even the big one in Hiram, and not only didn't they have it, but the management had never heard of it. Today I went to the one at Town Center. I had two coupons; I bought two rolls. At the old house we had used the white foam mounting tape for our artwork; when we took the pictures down not only did the foam tape take the paint off, it took part of the drywall as well. Ouch! The clear stuff just peels off like a wad of glue.

I finally saw some inexpensive curtain rods at Linens'n'Things. I can live with the $19.99 ones, but I prefer the $29.99—they are weathered copper-bronze colored, look "fall-ish," and I like copper anyway. The curtains were just shipped and the coupons don't expire until April 4, so I can wait on them.

At the end of my circuit I stopped at the PO to mail some cards and parked at Marietta Square; I'd been wanting to walk down the antique store row on Church Street for ages. Didn't find anything but an inexpensive copy of The Reader's Digest Treasure of Fun and Humor. I also went into antiques on the square, mostly to see if Luke, the big white standard poodle, was still greeting all the customers. He was. Someone he knew sat down near the front to talk on her cell phone and Luke ambled up to her and presented his tummy to be scratched. "Pet the puppy! Please!"