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23 March 2006
We have a 10 percent off coupon for Home Depot, so perhaps we'll look for a grill there. We got several useful coupons in the change of address package that came from the post awful.

Trying to tidy up the last of the dining room. It's those last few little things that take the most time. They're now sitting on the corner of the table.

James is making progress setting up his hobby room, but he now needs to shift boxes so he can assemble his Enetri shelving. These will be his built-up model display area. Unpacking the built-up units will get rid of several more boxes.

I arranged the television books in coherent order last night, which meant I was able to set out all my little collie statuary. These are of various media—resin, ceramic, plastic, even rubber, and one exquisite little figure that I found in the glassblower's shop in Helen, GA, is made of spun glass.

One of the other things we did last night was unpack all my old photo albums. I didn't mean to start riffling through them, but the lure was too much: I fell into friendly memories of trips with my mom and dad—that beautiful brilliantly scarlet tree in New York!—and conventions and old friends and costume calls and vacation photos. It took up entirely too much time and was worth every second.

Tonight I actually sat down in the glider rocker and continued the cross-stitch project I had begun last fall: the autumn garland with "We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing" motto upon it. I'm working the grapes right now; when those are done I have a few ivy leaves and an acorn motif, and then it's down to the backstitch.