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28 February 2006
  Getting Used to New Things
The first is a new route to work, which is easier (I take surface roads until I get to I-75 South, several miles south of where I used to get on; it's a sign of how busy my previous surface road route was that this new, longer, but less congested route takes me the same amount of time to navigate). The way home is longer because traffic is so bad at the time I get out that I cannot take the direct route. (Also, because of the post office's cute little debacle, I'm still going by the old house to make sure our mail gets to us.)

Other things are funny because they are so ingrained. For ten years we have been living with combination lights/ceiling fans which were run on the same switch. So to keep the fans going constantly, the light switches had to stay in the on position and we turned the lights on through the pull cord on the light itself.

So it's really funny to walk into a room and then realize you have to turn back to the wall to turn on the light instead of grabbing the pull cord. All the lights in the new house have separate switches for ceiling fans.

Anyway, our trash gets collected tomorrow so we've tried to offload as many boxes as we can to go out. There's a a stack next to me and James has a dozen or so in the garage to break down since the trash people won't take them in "box" condition. While rummaging around downstairs James found the bolster I use to support my back when I sit on the sofa—hurrah! I have another, but it's quite hard, and it's now been relegated to the spare bedroom. I also cleared off the top of the mantel and put all our decorative treasures up there, including two fall ladies, a tankard and goblet that say "lord" and "lady," respectively, and the fall-themed maple sugar shack that we found mixed in with the Christmas village things after the holidays. In keeping with the main living theme, I've scattered my little fall decorations about: bouquets in small brass containers, china pumpkins and acorns, and the beautiful bouquet on the mantel of cattails and Chinese lanterns.

Still haven't found the computer books, darnit, or the rest of the media books.

All in good time, I suppose.

I kept peeking out the window this afternoon hoping to spy a bird at the feeder already, but I guess the scout birds are still scoping it out. I think it takes about a week for them to decide it's safe. Usually the first comers will be the chickadees. They're fearless little guys. I have several chickadee sculptures in the living room.