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21 February 2006
  Kitchen Space 101 and Other Space Problems
We have found most of our kitchen things, thanks to our efficient packers, except for the plastic storage. (I know it's here somewhere. LOL.) James was having quite a time arranging yesterday because the kitchen storage space is actually smaller; we have one fewer cabinet than we did in the old house. We have coped with this shortage slightly by buying the baker's rack (it holds both the convection oven and microwave, plus the bread machine, the crock pot, and the smaller crock pot we brought home from my mom's). Our large canisters—Bisquick, flour, rice, pioneer porridge, kosher salt—are on the shelf above. We also have a roll cart for extra counter space with our granola bars stored underneath. The pantry closet is full because we buy bulk to save money on non-perishables.

I have taken steps to save some space by putting the party things in another closet. We'll use them this year for the movers' party and the housewarming, but usually we only have them out once or twice a year (used to be more, but we don't have a APA collation party to volunteer for any longer). The new house will be more conducive to entertaining so we hope to have a "games night" in the future, like the Lawsons do. I have several editions of Trivial Pursuit as well as Cranium and the booster pack, and I'm dying to play some Super Scrabble.

We will need a china cabinet at least, for Mom's china. At the moment, I have only gotten to unpack my "china" and store it in the microwave cart (with Willow's dog biscuits and our special mugs on top—the Ask the Manager mug in front! <g>). This is actually stonewear, not china; the pattern is "Royal Mail" and has English coaching scenes in brown on the plates. My mom was quite surprised that I didn't pick blue, but I liked the sepia tone better. But with the addition of "the blue glasses" (Mom's cobalt-blue drinking glasses and dessert plates) and the lack of space, we may actually need a buffet, too. Then the Christmas glasses can go there as well, rather than taking up space in the cupboard.

I can't wait until James has the room divider (an "Expedit" from Ikea) assembled. Right now we have a jerry-rigged barrier to keep Willow in the dining room at night. Otherwise, I know that dog; she'd take advantage and sleep on the "nice soft puppy bed" in the living room (a.k.a. the sofa).

It's so nice that the house is so quiet! The soundproofing is incredible. My alarm for my heart pill went off last night in the bedroom and we couldn't hear it; in the old house if it rang in the den you could hear it upstairs in the kitchen. Willow slept through the entire night without barking (usually some dog or people talking in the apartment complex, even through closed windows, sets her off).

James did get a chance to set up the towel racks in the bathroom last night. This is a cool dual rack we found at Lowe's; it holds two towels, one on a different level and also away from the other. He also put up a ring holder for the towels I use for my hair. We have to figure out a way to install the mirror we bought from Ikea; it doesn't seem to have any mounting hardware. It's nice, though: square with a birch frame, very simple and clean.