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21 February 2006
  Accomplished Tonight

  • Kitchen cleared of boxes and the top of the cart cleared for use
  • Dining room cleared and set with condiments and candles
  • At least twenty boxes out of the house
  • Coat hooks mounted in the foyer and coats hung on them
  • Mom's tier table fixed with "Gorilla glue"
  • All light bulbs in closet
  • Extra things on master bath sinks put into drawers
I did two loads of clothes in the new washer and dryer. This is a LG "Tromm" set and the washer is a front-loader with a direct drive—you should hear it spin out! It's a bit spastic when it starts washing, but I guess that's how front loaders work. When it finishes, instead of buzzing, it chimes. I wanted a front loader because they're more ecologically friendly and use less water.

We also had our first home cooked meal; all the other nights have been takeout or restaurants. We had pork bits with onion and mushrooms, with a side of Yukon Gold potatoes. James has tried the new Smart Balance buttery spread, which was recommended by Cooks Illustrated because it was low in fat but melted like real butter. He likes it.