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12 February 2006
  Adventures in Moving Part 3
A good sleep, breakfast, and then off again: we went for groceries and things at BJs. I bought a Carpet Flick (a Swiffer for your carpet). It has a two-sided sticky insert inside it and you run it across the carpet and it catches lint, crumbs, etc. Works better than the darn carpet sweeper I payed $$ for some years ago which didn't gather anything. (My mom once had the best carpet sweeper I ever used, one of the big, old Bissells. When it finally died we bought a new one from Bissell and it wasn't anywhere in the same performance range.) We brought the milk and the butter to the new house and I played with the Flick; works pretty well! (Every time I use that name, all I can hear is the line from A Christmas Story: "Flick? Flick? Who's Flick?")

When we got home we packed all the food and other gadgets (breadmaker, etc.) out of the two freestanding pantry cabinets and put them in 12x12x12 boxes we had picked up earlier at U-Haul. We also emptied the freezer except for a few things. Since it was so cold today—I don't think it got out of the thirties, which is downright cold for Georgia, and it snow flurried most of the day, big, fat flakes drifting and swirling around, but not sticking—we figured it was a great time to move the frozen food. (It's supposed to be 67°F the day the movers are coming.)

We didn't seal the boxes; just transported them to the new place where I stocked the pantry closet and the new freezer while James assembled the Billy bookcase from Ikea. When he finished that, he started on the kitchen cart, and I assembled the shelf extension for the Billy as well as the two inserts that will make it possible for us to store CDs in the Billy. The bookcase itself and the extension were a breeze to assemble, but the inserts were a pain in the neck. You put them together by pegging the verticals with the horizontal in between, and then use brads to fasten a back on the entire assembly. The brads were large and every time you pounded one in, it knocked one of the dividers off its peg a little. Quite aggravating, but once assembled, it looked swell. I found most of the CDs as James finished the cart and stocked it; also shelved the radio shows.

Got home wayyyyy after six, but in time to watch some of the Olympic coverage. It is typical of life, as February Callendar once said, that of course we are moving during the one sporting event I've ever been interested in, the Winter Olympics!

But James did get ahold of Dish last night and arrange for the Dish Mover service for tomorrow.