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22 February 2006
  Accomplished 02/22/2006
The Expedit is up! We're using it as a wall divider between the dining room and the living room. (We bought the "birch effect" unit rather than white or black. It's not so stark.) Some of the cubes have our cookbooks and food reference books (like The Little House Cookbook, which is a fascinating read even if you don't like cooking, and Food Finds, which has Eclipse coffee syrup entry in it). We still haven't found Alton Brown; I think he's with the Sidetracked Sisters and the other organizational books.

The Expedit backs up onto James' computer desk, which blocks some of the open cubes. For the other open cubes at dog-level we bought some wicker baskets at Ikea. I filled them with the smaller games, such as Visual Eyes and the Uno cards, and put them into these cubes, thereby blocking Willow's access. The rest of the bigger games, Super Scrabble and Cranium, etc., are also in those bottom cubes.

On the opposite wall from the Expedit, I set a video cabinet which holds my transferred-from-video DVDs and the Christmas video media (no need for them to be out all year). Now between the Expedit and the video cabinet we can set the baby gate and Willow is denned in the dining room, but can walk into the kitchen to get food and water.

I also shelved the anime and non-Disney animation, plus all the Disney animation, live-action films, and Treasures. The fireplace is emerging into sight. Tonight we need to put the computer oriented boxes up: the paper under the printer, the software in its racks, etc. Then the back of the sofa should be clear and I can put the other two media shelves and rack the aviation, animal, war, western, musical, and comedy DVDs.

Also made up the futon in the spare room and put the slipcover back on the loveseat in my craft room. I need to empty out a few more boxes there into the cabinets to have all my cross-stitch and glass painting equipment away. I'd love to empty the box of LPs, but guess where the bookcase I've used to hold the LPs and 45s is: at the very back corner in the library where all the bookcases are stored right now. They'll have to settle for the closet for now. :-)

We still haven't found the plastic food storage containers. I suspect they're in the garage.

So that's about a dozen more boxes empty.