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20 February 2006
Vinegar Rinse
Success! We have shelves in our cupboard.

When we did the walk-through of the new house, we noted that one of the cupboards had shelf supports, but no shelves. The builder said he would get shelves.

As of this morning, we still didn't have them, so on the way to WalMart this morning, we flagged him down and told him the problem. Since this was the cupboard we wanted to put the dishes and glasses in, it was annoying.

When we got back from WalMart, he showed up from two shelves taken out of another house in progress, but they were too long. The cabinet installers were working in the house next door, so they trimmed them for us and now the dishes and glassware have a home.

After the shelves were installed we went back to the old house and finished cleaning the lower level. I ran an empty washer load with a cup of vinegar to clean out the machine, washed all the floors a second time with vinegar to make sure they were completely clean, vacuumed behind the stove and the refrigerator, removed any picture nails from the wall, dismantled and discarded the venerable old computer desk I'd been using, dusted the rest of the ceiling fans, made certain all the booklets to the appliances were in the appropriate rooms, and James replaced the bifold doors on what used to be his hobby room. The final step was re-mopping the parquet near the glass doors.

And we were done.

Took a big load of old clothing, hobby things, dishes, and other bits and pieces to Goodwill, then unloaded the last carful and truckful. Before supper we went to Lowe's and bought a dual towel bar for the master bath as well as a towel ring to hold my hair towels and a stand to hold the garden tools. We also got some Pine Mountain logs for when we get the fireplace clear and a little resin fox for the flower bed in the front yard. He was too cute to pass up.