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26 February 2006
Accomplished This Weekend
Well, things proceed.

We've cleared out more boxes. James thinks he's emptied all his kits into the closet or on the wheeled shelving, and the huge boxes they were in sit in the garage. We've also unpacked numerous other boxes.

Saturday while James was at his meeting I put up the apple swags in the dining room windows. They are at present not ironed; I thought laundry and unpacking took priority. Once we get the rooms a bit more clear I can pull out the ironing board and spiff them up. I've decided just to have the swags up and not tiers. The windows face east and a great deal of sun does not enter the house, so we can leave the view unobstructed. Today we bought a pole which clamps to the top of the deck rail; it has two swiveling hooks on it, decorated with birds. We can hang bird feeders from each hook and see them from across the living room. Hopefully it won't take the birds too long to find it—I love watching them at the feeder, especially the chickadees and sparrows.

On the French door out to the deck I put one of the lace curtain panels that used to be on the front window of the old house. The door is metal, so we didn't have to mount a curtain rod into any wood, just got a magnetic one. The curtain is slightly too long, so I have pinned it up.

James has put up the remainder of the shades, in the living room and on the two bedroom windows that face west into the strongest sun come summer. The curtains aren't up yet, but I haven't found the other half to each pair (we only had one window in the other bedrooms in the old house, too, so we have only found one of one color and one of the other).

The computers are hitched up to the printers, although we do not yet have our DSL service back yet. Earthlink said they couldn't "find" our phone number when I called on Wednesday and we've been too busy since then.

James installed a Nyled rail system from Ikea in the kitchen. You can put hooks or other attachments on it to hold different kitchen utensils.

All the DVDs are out and shelved.

All my craft items are put up.

The wire racks are in the spare room closet for storing of the Christmas boxes and other items, but there is room for a visitor to hang up clothing as well. We'll probably keep the larger dresser (five drawers) in there and either donate the four-drawer one or use it elsewhere.

The hall closet is fully stocked with cleaning supplies.

In the foyer, as I said, Mom's tier table has been repaired. We brought back the "horse lamp," the lamp my mom had from the time she and my dad "went housekeeping" with the pale jade-colored horse on its base, from Rhode Island and fitted it with a light-sensing socket. Today at Lowe's we bought a new lampshade for it; they didn't have much of a choice of styles in anything either of us liked, so we got basic white.

The hall bathroom is pretty much ready for company; James just needs to hang the wooden anchor with pegs in it to hang the towels up on. The hall bath has a lighthouse/seaside theme.