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13 February 2006
We had an appointment for the Dish guy to show up sometime after noon. I was pleased that I didn't get a call until late in the afternoon, since I had a bunch of work to do. Finally they called at three, saying that the installer hadn't been able to find our place, even though James had given them specific instructions. The installer had gone out to the next place, but would be done and be at our house in an hour. I said it was a good thing they had called, since I needed nearly an hour to get home. I also gave him directions to give to the installer again.

I got to the house just before four. And waited, and waited. After a half hour, I called James, since I had no access to any phone numbers. He called up Dish for me, and I also returned a call to the Dish rep who had called me to tell the installer had gotten lost but only got voice mail.

So I did stuff. I unpacked and hung up the clothes we had brought there (pretty much the entire contents of our closet). Some of the clothes were packed in suitcases, so I nested them again when they were empty. I shelved another box of books. I found the rest of the CDs and alphabetized my Christmas CDs and sorted the others into categories. I set up my stereo and played David Huntsinger's "Autumn in New England." I Carpet Flicked. I hung up some decorations in the dining room.

In short, I did makework, when I should have been doing stuff at the present house.

The Dish guy showed up at 5:30, saying he'd gotten lost again. Urgh. Funny, our friends had no trouble finding it. He was installing the Dish until past seven; James came by with supper (Boston Market) and we ate half of it there before he was done. (We took the rest home because we knew Willow would have to go out!)

Now we are packing and watching the first night of Westminster.