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11 February 2006
  Adventures in Moving Part 2
More fine people to thank:

Juanita Elder
Jessie Elder
(Kayla! I forgot your last name!)
Alice Spivey
Aubrey Spivey
Ken Spivey

who helped us to pack the rest of the books for the movers and tow a lot more stuff to the house, including my glider rocker, my favorite lamp (the one with the autumn leaves on it), the ironing board...never mind, too boring to list.

We started out ourselves earlier, by Kaiser for prescriptions, by Michael's for more tape (we had coupons), and then to two places for boxes. J.L. was too busy to help us and the hobby shop didn't have any boxes, so we headed for our storage shed, only to find that the office was closed; they are now closing at 12 p.m. on Saturday. How weird! James had to run off to the U-Haul on Windy Hill for more boxes.

Jessie and Aubrey gained points for Girl Scouts for helping out with our move and it also counts as a good deed for Jessie, who must do twenty good deeds to get her red belt in tai kwan do.

Finally all were off and James and I went to Ikea for supper. We bought a Billy bookcase to put our CDs and other radio show and media in, and one of the smaller Expedit room dividers. Ordinarily I would have left the dining room/living room unobstructed, but since Willow will be living back in the dining room, we need the room divider along with an extendable baby gate that the Lawsons gave us to keep her there. Otherwise, I know that dog: I'd come home and find her asleep on the "nice soft puppy bed," i.e., the sofa. (And I wouldn't mind a fig about that, since she's bathed regularly, except that I'm allergic to her and it's best to keep the dander content on things I use down.)

Of course we had to tow this all back to the house. The Billy weighs 84 pounds and the Expedit weighs 128, so we took the boxes apart and brought each segment up the stairs separately.

Tired now. :-) But it's a good tired.

(Alright. I lied. It's not a "good" tired. I hurt. But I said I'd work for this house and damn well I will.)