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10 February 2006
  Adventures in Moving Part 1 AM Edition
H.H. Gregg called at 6:15 a.m. to say they would be delivering the new fridge and washer and dryer sometime between nine and noon. James answered the phone muzzily and then went back to sleep. They called again, I guess sometime after seven, to say they'd be at the house between 8:30 and 9:30; they weren't sure. But what James heard (I'm off today and he doesn't need to be in until 9:30 so he sleeps in until 7:45 when I'm home) was a reconfirm on the time, this time between 8:30 and 11:30.

So I got up when he left, started the laundry, cleaned out some things in the laundry room, and started to pack the things under the sinks for transfer to the house. The phone rang. It was the guys from H.H. Gregg wanting to know where I was!

So I abandoned the laundry and dashed over there; they were delivering the structural beams for the last house being built in the development and I had to wait to get through.

The guys from Gregg were too cool: they had to get the fridge up the L-shaped set of stairs to the main floor. I stayed outside and let 'em work: they had to remove the banister, but they got it up there, made not a mark, and put the banister back. Yay delivery guys.

When they finished I went home to find the appraiser from ReMax just coming out of the house. He said, "I need to tell you; there's a strong gas odor coming from the side of your house." (Where the meter is.) So I had to call Cobb EMC. There was a leak at the meter. Gas guy fixed it. All cool.

When he showed up I was packing all the cleaning supplies, extra soap, etc. you keep under the sink. Just as he rang the bell I was coming down the stairs with this full box; I missed the step, thankfully caught myself, but lost the box. Oh, well, no mirrors.

So I took a load of bathroom stuff and all the kitchen decor (our cow and apple decorations) over to the house; put up the bathroom stuff so I could bring the boxes back, and tacked up a couple of the cow/apple things with my little hammer and handy 3/4" brads. I also "christened" the house with books: one of the things Doug brought over last night were the two smallest bookcases that we plan to use in our room. I set them up, dusted them once more, found my Gladys Taber books and Madeleine L'Engle (religious) nonfiction, and set them up, and also a box of books James had labeled "bedside books" (David Weber, WWI nonfic, etc.).

And I brought the two photocopy paper boxes they were in home. Whee.

Back hurts again. Didn't have anything this morning but half a glass of milk, so am having milk now, oatmeal...oh, yeah, and my vitamins...