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29 October 2005
We had a busy, busy day today, starting out with going out to Trellis Oaks to put another advance down on two things they didn't have the prices for before: the vent in James' hobby room and the extra shelves in his closet. We also went back in the Dubois model and measured the drawers in the kitchen (I wanted to see if we needed new utensil organizer.)

He went to his club meeting, I went and did some errands. Stopped at Kroger and found a pretty autumn door wreath for only $3.00 I had a Linens'n'Things 20 percent off coupon and went looking for an over-the-sink shelf. These are 6 inches wide and about 30 inches long and are useful for keeping things off that counter, like the soap dispenser. I've always wanted one since I saw it in a catalog. Linens had one for $13.99.

I handed the casher the shelf and my coupon.

She charged me a little over seven dollars, and that included tax. Guess it was on sale. Works for me!

They had several things there I fell in love with, but it's frou-frou and will have to wait. One is a reproduction phonograph that looks like it's from the 40s on the outside, and does play 78 records (also has a radio, tape player, and CD player). I do want to play Mom's 78s some day. (On the inside the turntable is modern plastic, so it doesn't really look completely retro.) They also have a reproduction 30s radio (the one that looks like the Waltons had), a reproduction old phone (one that looks like the farm telephone on Lassie), and, oddly enough my favorite, a reproduction 50s radio with the streamlined styling that's also a dual alarm clock and a CD player.

We went to Fry's tonight. They have the largest selection of bottom-mount freezer refrigerators I've ever seen. Problem is, the bottom-mounts have two kinds of doors. One is like a regular refrigerator where the door opens to one side, then you have to squat down to pull the racks out. Not easy. The easier one has the freezer shelves that come out like drawers. But those suckers are several hundred dollars more than the other. If we have to get the one with the door that opens we might just as well go for either a regular refrigerator or a side-by-side. I've always worried about side-by-sides not having enough room in the refrigerator side.

There's also a freezer we like there. It's very small, but that's all we want. The interesting thing about this one is that it has a compartment on top as well as one on the bottom accessed by a drawer.