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28 October 2005
A Disappointment
Talked to Jeff [our lawyer] tonight and the estate has been opened, and he's hoping to get the papers back next week, or perhaps in two weeks.

But he's talked to Eddie, the neighbor of my mom's who was interested in purchasing the house as an investment property, and Eddie can't afford it. Sigh. This is a big disappointment. I knew Eddie would be respectful of the property and considerate of my godmother and her sister-in-law who live next door.

But one cannot argue with your budget and I understand.

My cousin Richard was also interested in the house, so I asked Jeff to call him. Otherwise we're going to have to go to a realtor and pay them their pound of flesh.

I'm a little down right now, although I can't say I didn't expect obstacles, considering our last mortgage was the nightmare from hell.