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08 October 2005
"We'll Dress the House"
Elizabeth told us to come back in about two weeks to pick out the fixings for the house, but since we were in the area—heck, we're here every weekend anyway—we dropped in the office to see if we could do so.

They didn't have many choices on vinyl; most of them look like dark ugly stonework. We found one that was actually a pretty stonework pattern in alternating large and small blocks. This will go in the kitchen and bathrooms, and there will be vinyl that looks like wood flooring in the hall downstairs.

We picked reddish color cabinets that will match the [hope! hope!] reddish colored hardwood floors (not a cherry reddish, more of a maple) and imitation black granite counters that will look slick with the cabinet colors.

Then pewter light fixtures.

Since we can't have the blue sidings, we chose the grey ones, with red bricks and white mortar. We did get blue shutters, and the door is supposed to match the shutters.

We also brought a tape measure with us and an enlarged printout of both floor plans and ran around the Dubois model measuring everything, especially the windows. This model basically is set facing the way our house will. We've been in the house at different times of the day except very early morning and it seems like the back is pretty much in shade most of the time, so I won't worry about shades right away. We will of course need to immediately shade our bedroom because we like it dark at night, the living room to keep the glare off the television, and the two bedrooms upstairs because they face south. The side window of James' hobby room will probably need something right away as well, but I'm not going to worry about the three back windows upstairs or the three downstairs, especially the two windows on the library, since they're directly under the deck.

Incidentally, it was pretty warm today, but even with all the windows shut the house was not insufferably warm. Higher ceilings and better insulation do help!