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07 October 2005
Let There Be...Lights
Since we're going to have to hunt up our own ceiling fans, we were at Lowe's tonight looking at some. I just want common variety ones with "schoolhouse lights" for the bedrooms and downstairs, but James has his heart set on one fancy one for his hobby room. It's called an Aero and resembles...well, you guessed it, the propeller blades of an airplane.

Anyway, we were wandering about looking at the other lights and lamps when we came upon some Tiffany reproductions. As I think I said earlier, I am not fond of the two chandeliers that automatically come with the house. The one in the breakfast nook is okay. It is "black iron" and is three-pronged with those cup-shaped shades over each light bulb. But the one in the dining room is hideous, of the same material but six pronged and just too heavy for a 10x14 room. We were planning to tell them just to put up the same fixture in the dining room as in the breakfast nook (or just put a regular light fixture in the nook since we are going to have a baker's rack and a cart there rather than a table), then we saw this pretty fixture at Lowe's.

It is, as I said, a Tiffany knock-off, only $150.00, with mostly red colored glass over three small fixtures. But it's quite pretty. Most Tiffany reproductions are too expensive and too bulky for my taste, but this is dainty and quite nice.

This looks like it, but I could swear the glass was redder.