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19 October 2005
In for a Penny
One of the things we found in the lockbox in Mom's trunk was a very small insurance policy with me as the beneficiary. It looked like she had set it up after the cancer diagnosis. We had sent it off a couple of weeks ago and it arrived back and I deposited it in the bank. Today I went to Trellis Oaks and wrote them a check out of that money for the essential upgrades:
  • The range hood and outside vent
  • Deadbolts for both outside doors
  • Extra electrical plug in the laundry room for a small freezer
  • Extra phone jack on the back living room wall for the computers
and the extravagance, exchanging the "garden tub" for a jetted tub so the darn thing doesn't end up as a planter.

We decided against the garage door openers for now. We can get them cheaper and have them installed cheaper from Lowe's. But if they're going to require me to park in the garage (it's one of the covenants), I want a garage door opener for rainy nights!

We still don't know the cost of putting a dryer vent on the back wall of James' hobby room (he wants to build a spray-painting booth there so he doesn't have to go outside) or the wire shelves in his closet, but they're going to get back to us, and it won't cost us anything to exchange out that nasty fluorescent light in the kitchen for a real one.

(The model house actually has the fluorescent in the kitchen upstairs. It doesn't throw out that much light anyway. A good incandescent will do a heck of a lot better.)