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24 October 2005
The Curious Case of the Hole in the Wall, Coda
Evidently Gwen was able to explain to the builder what James was after, because she called this afternoon and said they could do the dryer vent. So we need to go there this weekend and sign a new amendment that adds the dryer vent and the shelving.

We're supposed to put the hardwood stairs on this amendment, too, but we simply don't have the money for them yet. Arrrgh! We have to ask about them anyway: the description says "stairs and spindles." The stairs in the Dubois model are enclosed, and we want them to stay enclosed; we just don't want carpeting on them. (That's how I fell on the stairs three years ago and tore the ligaments in my foot; I put my foot out too far and then slipped on the carpet.) "Spindles" make it sound like they're going to be open.