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22 October 2005
The Curious Case of the Hole in the Wall
Incidentally, we had gotten a call from Gwen today asking us to come over since the builder had given her a price for the dryer vent in the wall of James' hobby room and extra shelving in the walk-in closet in that room.

When we got there she said the builder thought a dryer vent that low at the back of the house might attract "small visitors" and wondered if we wouldn't rather have exhaust fans like in the bathroom instead. He could put two in if we needed them.

I can tell the builders have never dealt with people who want esoteric oddities in their home. I'm sure most folks on the street are pretty cut and dried, with the usual furniture, electronics, artificial flowers, and, God-I-hope, some books.

James wants a dryer vent in the room because he's planning to build a spray paint booth in there. I didn't understand until I saw the thing myself; he found some plans on the Web, or you can build one yourself. It's an enclosed-on-three-sides box that mounts on a table, and inside you put a stove exhaust fan that vents through the dryer vent. This way you can spray inside without damaging anything or getting fumes in the room.

We explained to Gwen that the vent wouldn't be near the ground; in fact it needs to be about four or five feet up from the foundation. She said she'd tell the builder and see what he said.

I'm sure he thinks we're crazy... :-)