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22 October 2005
Let There Be Light #2
Elizabeth (there are two agents at Trellis Oaks, Elizabeth and Gwen; James keeps getting them mixed up) had told us, when we said we wanted ceiling fans in the bedrooms, that Progressive Lighting did the upgrades for the homes and that we might want to look around there to see if there was anything we liked. We tried to go last night, but they closed at six, so we stopped by today.

This place looks imposing and they get you right away by having the crystal chandeliers in the entranceway. Crystal chandeliers only remind me of my Confirmation godmother, Margaret Azzoli. She loved beautiful things and although she had a pretty little Cape Cod house one street from ours, she always wanted a bigger home with a formal dining room and a crystal chandelier in the foyer. She and her husband saved and they finally bought a stately looking colonial house on Oaklawn Avenue. It indeed had a beautiful crystal chandelier in the foyer.

After they moved in the house, though, Margaret started to suffer from ill health, and she eventually passed away only a couple of years after they moved. She never got to really enjoy it. So crystal chandeliers make me sad.

Anyway, they have rooms full of different sorts of lights in all sorts of styles from simple to elaborate curlicues: wall sconces, floor lamps, drop lamps, pendants, recessed lighting, track lighting, you name it. There are also outside lighting fixtures, including massive carriage lamps that look like they belong at the Breakers. Most of the ornate stuff made us laugh. They had a few very heavy Tiffany-type lamps, but they were very expensive and mostly too massive for a small room.

However, their ceiling fan prices were very reasonable. We'll probably go back there for the basic fans. James still likes the "Aero" better than the version that they had here, and I'm still thinking about that little faux Tiffany lamp.