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04 March 2007
  Shelf Life
It was time to do something with all those shelves we had bought and today was the day.

James placed the big shelf we bought at Lowe's yesterday in the garage over the ladder and then stocked it with the plastic storage boxes that were taking up the middle of his hobby room. There is still room on the shelf and for now we have placed there as well a box of old computer parts we are saving for electronics recycling day. I also cleared off some shelves by rearranging the things on them on another set of shelves. I wanted James to bring some of our emergency water bottles out to the garage. These will be for flushing toilets, etc. if something happens to the water, and we can reaccumulate more jugs of drinking water in the downstairs bathtub now.

I had to pull out some things so he could get to the area where he'd be mounting the shelves, so I swept out that corner while it was empty and then sprayed with Ortho. What was in the corner is my bicycle and the lawn mower, both which were grimy from being in the old shed. I rinsed them off with the hose and let them dry in the sun and breeze, as it was quite windy and cool today—great for working in the garage! They were whining on the news about how it was sunny but chilly; oh, get over it already. First they talk about global warming and then they whine if it's cold in the winter like it's supposed to be.

When we finished in the garage, up went the short shelf in the "holiday closet." Then we came up and installed one of the 3-foot Closet Maid shelves in the bathroom over the organizer that is over the toilet. I will be keeping the other set of towels up there instead of using a drawer for them and they will help absorb the echo in the bathroom while freeing up the drawer. I also hung a cute print of a bathroom sink and towels/accessories in blue, brown, and green in a square frame over the bath towel racks.

The final wire shelf went in our own closet and cleared the floor a lot, especially when I also put all the suitcases up on another shelf rather than being on the floor. It's not like we need them that often!

Several weeks ago I bought two small shelves at Ikea for $2 each. (I tried to find them on the Ikea site to link here but don't seem to find them.) They were with the kitchen things and labeled as spice or canister racks, I think, about 28 inches long and 8 inches deep, a nice solid light wood with a lip on the back with two holes pre-drilled in them so you could just mount them on the wall without using hooks or supports. Instead of placing them in the kitchen we put them up in a staggered pattern on the empty wall between the bedroom door and the chifforobe and filled them with a few stuffed animals (a stuffed collie puppy, a dragon named "Bertie," and a little fluffy brown-and-white terrier dog) and a little "Love" mug James gave me one Valentines Day with a stuffed dog in it and a tin TARDIS bank featuring Peter Davison.

The last things I wanted to do was mount some hardware I bought at Ikea. In my craft room, to hold recycled vegetable cans that are filled with scissors, pliers, pens and things, I have a Bygel rail and Bygel cutlery caddy and a Bygel wire basket hanging behind the door. I bought a second set of all this stuff because the cans were too crowded and I needed more room.

At least I thought I bought them; I went into the bedroom and a bag with them wasn't there, nor anywhere in the house. Puzzling. I also thought I bought another magnetic rail for the coupons, too, but couldn't find that, either. Hmn.

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