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24 January 2007
  ...That Make a House a Home
Had a short burst of energy tonight after finishing up work and did a few quick things:

• I had purchased a wooden plaque with a Michael's coupon and the other night painted it a barn red with a bronze surround. Then I lettered on it in black "Welcome Home." I have put this on the door that comes from the garage into the house, with a small garland of autumn leaves around it. I know it sounds like a dopey thing to decorate, but sometimes on those wet, gloomy nights coming home from work it will be nice to see a cheerful "welcome home" on the door. (I painted it a brownish red with the bronze-gold trim so that at Christmastime I can swap a holly garland for the leaves and the colors will look just as appropriate.)

James didn't see this project while I was doing it, so it will surprise him.

• I hung up James' beautiful framed Spitfire print in the library, just outside his room.

• I also hung up a funny print of dragons using a computer that we bought at a convention many years ago, and next to it put up the Charles Wysocki calendar I got for $4 at Borders last weekend.

• In the laundry room I hung up a canvas hanging with twelve pockets that used to hang on the door in the old laundry room. This is now behind the door. In it are sorted the two different types of screwdrivers, the stud finder, the nail setter, etc., so they are easy to find. I also hung up the metal yardstick on its own nail so it is off the floor.