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25 January 2007
  All in the Details
A welcome greeting:

the welcome sign

Willow down in the library:

Willow in the library

I love the border; we bought it from The School Box. What I love the most is that all the books on the shelf, except for the encyclopedia, which looks like an Americana, but just says "Encyclopedia," are actual books. When I noticed Alistair Cooke's America was one of them, I was sold.

The sign on the bathroom door is a regulation business "Rest Room" with an aviation print under it. The wooden plaque on James' hobby room door is a real minefield sign.

And here's Pidgie posing in front of his artwork:

Pidge with bird artwork

"The Honeymoon," with the budgies, is actually a greeting card we found at a bird show. The dragon and his birdie were from a convention, of course.