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10 February 2007
All In Red With a Hint of Pink
Valentine's Day decorations, of course.

Late afternoon was not a good time to take a photo of the porch: everything is too contrast-y. Some of the winter decorations I replaced outright, like the wreath, and with others I just applied hearts. You can't see it, but both snowmen in both chairs are holding heart-shaped "balloons" (red hearts on wire stems).

porch decked in Valentines

The snowflakes and mittens are gone from the foyer for a while:

Valentine foyer

Here's a detail of the table—those bright hearts are from Hobby Lobby; I think they're candle holders—and the Valentine tree. It's actually a bottle-brush Christmas tree with the requisite hearts strung on with embroidery thread.

the kissing bears and the Valentine tree

Hearts and mirrors and bouquets in mugs.

mirrors and tables and bouquets

Perked up the winter decorations with some Valentine decor on the table:

winter deco with Valentine touch

Since the kitchen/dining decor is cows and apples, the pink cow was definitely a keeper:

the Valentine cow