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11 February 2007
  Lots Bigger Than a Breadbox
I had to raise myself from torpor this morning. I don't know what is with this cold, but it is leaching away so slowly. I still get hoarse at night and still cough occasionally and am so damn tired.

Anyway, it was time to get back to business, since all the holidays are over. We went to Ikea and bought the first two Billy bookcases of the remainder we need to finish the library. These are the two that will be used for James' nonfiction books. We bought the extenders for the top, so we have nearly nine feet of bookcase (by five feet wide). We assembled them tonight in about 90 minutes (we were moving fast on the last one because we wanted to see the AKC Agility Championships). Right now the old bookcases are out in the hall near the laundry room and there they will have to stay for two weeks since James has to work all of next weekend (he's got a class on a new system). The next weekend he's free (knock on wood), we'll take them to Goodwill, since they're still good (just not large enough).

So that's my project for next weekend, reshelving the books. I'll try to keep all the different categories—aviation, space, military history, etc.—on their own shelves.

The next bookcases to go will be the ones near the door to the library. These are still good and will go to Goodwill as well, but I'll be glad to get rid of them. They are "oak" finish and I loathe oak. This set will be for the biographies, the travel books, the animal books, the space program books, the trivia books, the few science books, and the miscellaneous books, like The Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection.

Oh, and we did actually buy a breadbox. James has complained that our potatoes always sprout or turn green before we can use them. He was reading a book or magazine about keeping food and it said that potatoes age quickly in light and in the open. Ours are in an open bin on top of the microwave, near the kitchen window. So last Thursday after work I did a major clean out of the pantry and left enough room for one of Ikea's wooden breadboxes. We'll be keeping potatoes in there from now on.

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