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25 January 2007
  Wishing for Snowflakes
I've redone half of the photos, so it's pulled from the queue and redated:

Our winter welcome:

winter porch

Here's the foyer with the tinsel tree and the snowflake hangings (a bit difficult to see them against the "antique white" paint) under the mirror, winter plaques and a winter tin and "branch.: The little objects in front of the snowmen and flowers on the blue table are little animal and pine tree figurines in the snow.

foyer with winter decorations

This is a detail of the divider. I don't know why you can't make it out well, but the snowman plaque says "Think Snow":

divider with winter plaques

And here's the table:

foyer with winter decorations

There are three winter tins, between them a resin set of snowmen and a blue sleigh with winter branches in it. At the very far right is an Avon snowman. It had red, green and blue lights in it. I took the red and green bulbs out and replaced them with a different shade of blue and a clear.

divider with winter decorations

The Marjolein Bastin winter ornaments are leant up against the candles. In the rear you can see the two snowmen and a blue cupboard on the china cabinet. The snowman painted on this little blue cupboard has a legend above him "Snowcones, 5 cents."

table and china cabinet with winter decorations