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24 February 2007
  "Ding, Dong, the Oak is Dead..."
Upon rising this morning, we got the two dark bookcases and one of the oak-finish bookcases into the truck bed. Unfortunately the second oak bookcase would not fit, so I popped the hatch on the car, folded down my back seats and the passenger front seat. The other oak case just fit in the body of the car, although we couldn't latch the hatch. James and I bungee-corded it in, and I bungee'd the door to the latch and we wended our way to Goodwill. Watching the hatch door in the rear view mirror was a quick lesson in aerodynamics; as I speeded up it rose, as I braked at stop signs, it lowered.

And so the oak monstrosities are gone.

James gathered his models and trucked (literally <g>) to the IMPS meeting. I backed my car out into the driveway and swept out the garage, which hadn't been done since last fall. Since I was out there anyway, I also got out the Ortho and sprayed around the garage doors and also right at the foot of the steps where we had the ants running last August. I'm not taking any chances with the little buggers.

When that was finished I had a WallyWorld trip, since I was out of oatmeal and yogurt. Got a few other groceries we needed. I can't seem to get out of WallyWorld for under $50 most times. $51 today.

Back at the house, I assembled the record stand I had bought a month ago at Linens'n'Things. At some point I will get the Crosley phonograph so I can play Mom's 78s, but right now all I can budget is a stand. I am going to put James' records in it. I want the stand that is $20 more, since it has a shelf for my 45s (it's linked here). When we get the Crosley I will either put it downstairs, or put the stereo-phonograph I have downstairs; then James can play his records when he's modeling.

(I should get rid of a few of my LPs. I have bought all the George Winston LPs I have on CD as well, so I could play them at work.)

So tonight we made a quick stop at the Borders in Buckhead (man, and I thought we had trouble driving through Buckhead years ago; the traffic is even worst now, with all of the upscale restaurants and bars). James finally found "Launch" magazine, which is only being sold at selected Borders; the Buckhead store is the largest in the area. I found a very interesting book called Huck's Raft, a sociological study of American childhood.

Then we went to Ikea for supper—I'm very fond of their chicken marsala—and we bought two more Billy bookcases. They're now downstairs waiting to be assembled.

(Ikea also had some little scatter rugs for $2. We bought one for Willow, who is very reluctant to stay downstairs with James when he models; she wants desperately to be with him, but she also is upset when "the pack" is not together. We have put the scatter rug in her crate so it will get her scent on it, and then we'll put it downstairs. Maybe it will make her more comfortable. Also, in the scratch'n'dent room, we found a little plastic dog food bowl in lime green for twenty cents. This can go in the car with the free Lassie bowl we got last year and these can be Willow's bowls when we go traveling.)

[11:20 p.m. Bookshelves are up. Took us an hour and fifteen minutes, maybe a few minutes more. Did make one boo-boo. The bottom shelf on one case is backwards, with the raw side out. Unfortunately we didn't notice it until everything was hammered together (the back nailed on and all that). Hm. Delta Apple Barrel Gloss has a similar brown. Maybe I can cover it up with my trusty paintbrush, or at least make it less noticeable. It doesn't make any difference to the strength of the unit, it's just an esthetic thing.

Oh, here's the stand, Emma.]

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