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05 January 2007
  That Settled-In Look
In the entry "The Last Place You Think Of", I mentioned we'd rearranged our bedroom to better accommodate getting clothing as well as leaving place for a little armchair.

It's a good thing we did since I also need to store the rolling desk where I'm keeping my work-at-home equipment. I got it all out of the boxes this afternoon, but nothing is "hitched up."

Tonight when we were folding clothes I also put the rest of the pictures up. I was tired of the room looking like we were about to move (and frankly I was tired of the box sitting on the floor!). :-) So my old crucifix and our birthplace cross-stitches (made by James' sister) are over the bed (also my dreamcatcher). Near my side of the bed is a picture of my mom and Cousin Anna and also a painting of a cabin in the snow. Near James' side of the bed is his family name heritage plaque and a photo of his dad.

Over the chifforobe are the two cross-stitches I did, "All creatures great and small" and the 23rd Psalm, and also on that wall is the American Indian wedding blessing that Renee Groce gave us for our wedding.

Over the lightswitch along with a framed Robert Fulghum quote is a small cross-stitch I did of a puppy and a kitten sleeping together, which says "Our love will keep us warm."

I have about three or four of those collage frames and want to look through my photos and put some up in those frames for our bedroom.

When the hospice nurse and I discussed bringing my mom here to Georgia when she could no longer take care of herself, she said I should take a few things from my mom's house to make her feel more comfortable in the guest room. So I pulled my dad's Army photo and their honeymoon photo from their frames and James bought two frames down here and we put them up for her.

I put those photos up in my craft room, a sweet reminder of home.