Autumn HollowAutumn Hollow
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24 June 2006
Pictures, We Got Pictures
Autumn things on the divider overlooking the foyer; see where we hung the America poster?

autumn things

Here is the seashore summer theme in the foyer. You can also see the Autumn Angel I was raving about last week, with her oak leaf wings.

summer theme in foyer

The plain old fan in the library...

fan in library

...has a different perspective when it's dark! (Looks like a UFO, doesn't it, with those reflections on the ceiling?) Dig that purple afterglow!

fan in the dark

Here's James' fan. He wants to paint the tips of the blades yellow like a standard propellor warning mark.

James' fan

Thunderstorm over the complex:


Here's Ivy the lamb holding the flag until we get the flag mount put up. She's named after the know, "Mairzy doats..."

Ivy the lamb and the flag

With the foyer light on you can see the glass painted leaves around the door a little better. (Sorry it's grainy; it was dusk out.)

front door with glass paints