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21 June 2006
"Round-round, Get-Around, We Get Around..."
I had forgotten to mention that on Saturday night James installed the two ceiling fans downstairs.

The fan in the library is just your plain garden variety ceiling fan with light kit, the least expensive that Lowe's sells (this is the one they don't put on display because they want you to buy the fancier ones <g>), three speed reversible for winter, white-or-woodgrain blades depending on which side faces down, simple dome light. I went downstairs to see what he was doing and ended up helping with the blades; everything else went very well and it works perfectly from the switch on the wall.

Ironically he had an easier time installing the more complicated fan, the double-fan airplane-looking arrangement in his room. The standard fan has to be installed in order and the blades assembled after you've done all the wiring. You can put together this fan "on the ground," as it were, and then hang it, and then do the wiring.

The fan worked fine but the light didn't come on. James checked the wiring twice and then took a closer look at the little halogen bulb. It was broken out of the box!

So that means another trip to Lowe's. Can't keep away from that place.

In any case, this means unless we are actively having people downstairs we can keep from turning the A/C on there. Even when it's been as warm as it's been it stays about 75°F down there; it's just that the air doesn't circulate without the fans and it gets stuffy.

The two bedrooms are perfectly ventilated via the A/C right now, so I expect we do not need to install the ceiling fans there until we go back on open windows in the fall, unless James just wants to get them out of the way.

Speaking of "around," I have rotated the decorations in the foyer to reflect summer. It's a sea theme: a lighthouse centerpiece with a shell encrusted seahorse, a big conch shell full of smaller shells, a little wooden rowboat with "oars" and other accountrements, and a little sailboat on a spring bouncing above painted wooden waves. All we need is the scent of the ocean (and maybe some Del's lemonade and doughboys from Iggy's—alas, the lemon-lime soda from Warwick Club is long gone)...