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12 May 2006
  An Open and Shut Case
The garage door openers are up. The guy programmed all the remotes to open both doors, so now we have six remotes! When he finished he showed me all the safety features and overrides, how to lock the remotes from inside the garage, and then it was done.

I had intended to tidy up my craft room today while I was waiting for the installer and ended up doing crafts instead. I repaired some of the worst marks on my Lassie (the 1994 movie) and put that up in my room, and a funny Star Trek: the Next Generation poster ended up downstairs near the laundry room (I was doing laundry as well). I also put the readi-leading up on the top half of the guest room and craft room windows. This took me quite a while to get even and by the time I was finished I couldn't do the actual glass painting because you are not supposed to paint when the sun is striking the windows; the paint dries too quickly. I have done a vertical pattern interrupted by one leaf (on each window) and diamond shapes.

At a more appropriate time I'll use the fall colors to highlight the leaves and the interior of the diamonds. I'm trying to give the house a little of the look of the lovely Craftsman-style homes they are building down the road in Smyrna. There are several dozen of them now. They remind me of the triple-deckers at home, the ones that were cared for, with their beautifully paned windows.

James is presently downstairs attempting to bring order to chaos. He has many model kits, in progress projects, reference books, and just miscellaneous hobby tools and now has to find places for them.

They mentioned on the news tonight that you could see Jupiter shining above the moon, so I slipped out on the deck to see. Sure enough, there it sat glinting like a glowing pencil point. It was cool and lovely out there. I opened up my arms to greet the breeze.

This place makes me feel reborn.