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10 June 2006
  St. Francis Tends His Menagerie
Our garden statue menagerie. I think this is enough.

They mostly have literary names, but there are a couple of media entries:

Garden ornaments 1

Nibbles is the hero of Elizabeth Taylor's charming memoir about her pet chipmunk, Nibbles and Me. Maeterlinck...what else would you name a bluebird? Cinnabar is from Marguerite Henry's Cinnabar: the One O'Clock Fox. Samantha is from Friendly Persuasion. Pipkin is from Watership Down.

Garden ornaments 2

Yes, of course the sea monster is Cecil, as in Beany and.... Lindesfarne is from the comic strip Kevin and Kell. Fiver also from Watership Down.

You can't see O'Dell too well. It's a cute resin statue of a Jack Russell terrier burrowing. Since he's a digging dog, I named him after the character on The Life of Riley radio series, "Digger" O'Dell.