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18 May 2006
  Taking Stock
The "basic project" of the house is just about finished. As I said previously, we're down to details. It's a nice place to be. The move was the usual pain-in-the-neck that moving always is, but was helped along mostly by our wonderful friends (and the nice movers recommended by our realtor) with a tip of the hat to the weather staying cold (at least it wasn't 99°F with 99% humidity like the last time!). It was a challenging and tiring first month—but in a way fun in putting a dream together.

Friday they're supposed to come put up the screen doors (just in time, of course, for it to get hot again, which as February Callendar notes is typical of life) and the Dish people are scheduled to come put in the new receiver (unless their truck breaks down again...). I think that is the end of the large projects for now unless we decide to go to BrandsMart for the freezer. It's time to do some maintenance work on the car, see about getting myself an eye checkup and new glasses—and put some money away. I'd like to look into at least one CD, but I think I want to go to a different branch of my bank, where the employees aren't so...lethargic.

In the late fall we can start acquiring the remaining bookcases. I'd also like to save up a bit on my own and purchase a phonograph that will play 78s so I can play Mother's records.

Minor things left to finish:
  • America poster in place
  • craft room sorted out
  • hobby room sorted out
  • excess furniture out of the garage and to the person who needed it
  • a couple more pictures and posters mounted
  • our own bedroom rearranged and settled
Perhaps somewhere in the future we can think about a stairway down from the deck and a fence around the back yard.

And I want to get our domain in new web-hosting quarters sometime soon as well...